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Working for Ohio businesses since 1992

Since 1992 and 1996, respectively, Ohio Logos has been responsible for the administration and operation of the Ohio Business Logo Sign and Tourist-Oriented Direction Sign (TODS) Programs for the State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

We offer a complete “turn-key” approach where we are responsible for all marketing, administration, operational needs, and general oversight. We maintain a local office and full-time staff who work solely on this signing program.

Throughout our history, we have remained committed to the three (3) groups of customers who must be satisfied with our work: the Transportation Agency to whom we report, the participating businesses, and, ultimately, the motorists who rely on the information we provide to make their travel safer and more efficient.

Ohio Logos is a subsidiary of Interstate Logos, the largest provider of contract logo signing and tourist-oriented directional signing (TODS) programs in the country.

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